The world after the Blast is a place full of dangers. Fortunately, in lands dominated by the brutal struggle for survival, there are people who carry a spark of hope. It is they who help the survivors to gather and cross the Wasteland together.

Messengers of Apocalypse, announcers of truth and law, carers and judicial duelists, introducing rules and order to the chaos that has captured the world. Now you can join them too!

Messengers of Apocalypse are well versed in the Afterglow world, helping to promote the embedded universe of the game, create or support groups of players, organize shows and learn to play in clubs and local stores.

In return, in addition to our gratitude and eternal glory, they acquire Ammunition, which they can exchange for discounts, miniatures, accessories, limited models, rulebooks.

Messengers of Apocalypse also have access to models and accessories that are not available in normal sales and can only be purchased for Ammunition.

If you would like to join the Messengers of Apocalypse send us a message at: