Cooperation with Wargamer company

We are happy to announce the we begin the cooperation with Wargamer company.

Afterglow is already at such a level of development that we are unable to develop it with our own strength at the pace we want. Administrative duties are beginning to take up a lot of time and we have to react before they overwhelm us.

We decided that we wanted to focus on the development of the game and entrust the distribution and acquisition of new customers to our external partner. Our choice was Wargamer, which has been operating as a distributor of miniatures tabletop games for many years and is reaching out to stores in Poland and abroad, and also appears on the most important wargaming conventions in Europe.

We believe that with this solution we will be able to devote in 100% to what we love and what we are the best, that is developing the Afterglow world, and at the same time our products will be easier to buy for you all.

From now on, all inquiries and wholesale orders should be directed to

Afterglow will also be available in the Wargamer online store ( and stationary Wargamer hobby stores.